Boho Picnic Rugs & Beach Umbrellas


It’s no secret we’re serious beach lovers who long for warm summer days spent by the sea. This also means we want beautiful summer accessories to complete our set up and keep us comfortable throughout the day. However, we’ve always struggled to find accessories that adorned vibrant boho and floral prints, just like our swimwear. This is why it only seemed fitting to create the accessories we desired in our own beautifully bold prints. 

With a fresh season, comes an exciting collection of new summer essentials for Isla In Bloom. We’ve evolved our brand to include a luxe range of bohemian beach umbrellas and picnic rugs designed in Australia. Our rugs and umbrellas are sure to inspire wanderlust all summer long. Made for longer days and warmer nights, these new products beautifully complement our Isla In Bloom swimwear making them the perfect addition to our brand.


Our beautiful picnic rugs have been created with 100% organic cotton. Each design brought to life by tightly woven yarn. The throws are comfortable against your skin, whilst also being durable and hardwearing. 

Bring them with you for a garden picnic, to the beach, use them while camping or even living on the road. Equally as beautiful for the home, they can be used as a decorative blanket or wall tapestry. 

Willow Picnic Rug

The warm bohemian design of our Willow picnic rug features earthy tones set against a sandy backdrop. Creams, browns and green are delicately woven with 100% organic cotton creating a durable, soft throw. The Willow is the perfect garden accessory to adorn a picnic with friends and loved ones. 

Sahara Picnic Rug

Inspired by the rich colours of Morocco, our Sahara picnic rug is woven with tonal shades of sunset pinks, a touch of purple, orange and brown. Ideal for long days by the ocean, this beautifully bright throw is durable, hard wearing, made with 100% organic cotton and designed in Australia. 

Fleur Picnic Rug

Our Fleur Throw is a dreamy colour burst of blue, turquoise, pink and brown. Created to brighten up any space, the beautiful, feminine colours blend seamlessly into any bohemian interior. Roll the Fleur up for a day of sunshine and wanderlust with family and friends. 

Del Sol Picnic Rug

The Del Sol Throw is woven with the colours of a warm Mediterranean sunset. Burnt oranges, yellow and pink. The soft texture is comfortable against the skin, as well as being durable and hard wearing. Perfect for the outdoors. 

Nixi Picnic Rug

The Nixi picnic rug holds the dreamiest colour palette for a sunset picnic with friends. Featuring feminine, romantic shades of purples, soft pink, orange and a touch of yellow, this accessory is for the golden hour lover. Made with 100% organic cotton and designed in Australia, you’ll never want to leave this soft throw behind.


Our boho style beach umbrellas are made with UPF50+ premium coated fabric and printed with earth friendly inks. Standing at 2.3 metres, the canopy extends to a 2 metre diameter, ideal for seeking shade and keeping cool while sitting oceanside this summer. 

Our sun umbrellas come complete with a modern beech wood pole, custom hardware and matching carry bag, the umbrellas are easy to assemble and lightweight. This is an accessory you won't want to forget, providing beautiful shade all day long at the beach.

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Willow Beach Umbrella

The warm bohemian design of our Willow beach umbrella features earthy tones set against a sandy backdrop. Creams, browns and green are printed on UPF50+ premium fabric using earth friendly inks. The Willow is the perfect accessory for a day outdoors by the ocean. Designed in Australia.

Boho Beach Umbrella Australia

Del Sol Beach Umbrella

The Del Sol Umbrella is printed with the colours of a warm Mediterranean sunset. Burnt oranges, yellow and pink. The canopy is the perfect size for seeking shade on a summer day at the beach. Made with UPF50+ premium fabric and designed in Australia. 

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Our signature bohemian floral prints have been exclusively designed by Isla In Bloom for a beautiful, vibrant summer. Wherever your next adventure takes you, our rugs and umbrellas are sure to become the must-have essentials that you take everywhere!

There's a long summer ahead of us still and endless happy memories just waiting to be created.  


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