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Amalfi Picnic Rug

$209.95 AUD

New to Isla In Bloom.

Fresh lemons in the trees and orange juice stands on the hills. Azure blue waters and sunshine sparkling on the ocean. A colourful array of houses that line the streets. The Amalfi rug is like a postcard from Positano. Setting the scene for new experiences and memories to be made of an endless summer, with a balmy composition of orange, yellow, brown, blue, greens and cream.


- Made with 100% recycled cotton

- One-colour tassel trim around the rug

- Large picnic rug - approximately 200 x 160cm which comfortably fits 4 people

- The 200cm length fits a standard King size bed of 203cm

- Can be used as a picnic rug or beach throw, while camping or living on the road and to brighten your home as a decorative throw, rug or as wall tapestry

- Durable and hard wearing with a comfortable texture against the skin

- Soft and breathable, thickness of the throws can be compared to a beach towel

- Bohemian floral design in shades of orange, yellow, light blue, green, brown and cream, designed in Australia

- Please note, the colours and design are created by weaving primary colours of yarn together. The colours and design have not been printed on the rug. The woven method creates the effects of the colours we mention in the description and can look different under different light / different times of the day - we think that's what makes them so unique.

- Colours may appear slightly different in lifestyle images due to lighting and editing effects by our content creators. When making your choice, please decide based on the colours you see in the first few images of the rugs with the white background.



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New Zealand 

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USA & Canada

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Europe & Asia

$27.95 AUD Standard Shipping for one rug

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Care Guide

We recommend where possible, spot cleaning over washing with cold, soapy water. If you need to wash it, hand wash in cold, soapy water. Hang to air dry. Do not use harsh detergents. Do not use fabric softeners. Do not soak, machine wash, bleach, dry clean, tumble dry or iron. Expect an initial 10% shrinkage once washed, but the rug will expand in size again after use. The yarn does soften from each wash like any other blanket / throw. Avoid contact with suntan lotions and oils as they can mark with heavy use – wash immediately if your items come into contact. Avoid contact with rough surfaces to prevent pulls of the yarn. To remove dirt, shake outside rather than vacuum as it can damage the threads.

Retro Picnic Blanket Online

Amalfi Picnic Rug

$209.95 AUD